About JKCinema.net
Remember JKCinema.com? Since it began in 1997, it was known during the old internet age as an "interesting flash games and cartoons site." especially for its Urban Legends series
It lasted throughout the 2000s, but sadly came to a close somewhere in 2014. Justin at JKCinema did poke fun at how JKCinema.com dealt with URL issues in the past, but 2014 was seemingly the final blow. No word has since come from Justin or any of the people who worked on the site, however they appear to be active sometimes on Facebook.

What now? Well, JKCinema.net is a rehost of the old website, with an entirely new forum community subreddit. For anyone who has contributed in the past, they can contribute yet again!
So what are you waiting for?? Go post something ya rere!

Do eet.